Frequently Asked Questions

Hello, Welcome and Congratulations

Searching Elly is simple, from the Service Providers Directory search any combination of business name or professional, location, category / trade.

Subscribers, Please Review our Instruction. 

(1) Search for your profile or business and Claim the Listing.

(2) Once claimed Register and an email will be sent to create your username and password

(3) In the event you do not see your profile or business feel free to Register and Add Listing.

(4) Upon logging-in, left click on the Directory Dashboard located on the top left of the WP User Admin Information page.   

(5) Click on Your Business Name or Add Listing

(6) Title, business or personal name 

(7) Address please use Find On Map or Place choose your geographical area, larger the better: Beijing, Pattaya, London, Ha Long Bay, San Diego, Luzon, Sonora, etc.

(8) Categories, the public needs specialties choose wisely.

(9) Contact Info

(10) Website, Twitter, Facebook

(11) “Listing” section is your Bio. Complete your 350 word Bio, use Ms Word is recommend then cut and paste all of your information into Elly.

(12) Upload photos of projects or products.

(13) Click on Next and proceed to checkout.  

****  Elly uses PayPal for your protection.  Please create a PayPal account and process your annual payment in US dollars

****  Elly is a one stop advertising platform for all so be sure to attach your social media accounts and the map section has you positioned correctly as the entire program functions geographically. 

Upon completion Elly reviews the registration, subscription and content this may take 2-4 hours before your information is published.

God Bless,